The Ultimate Honda Lover Gift Guide

We’ve all been there, scurrying around the buzzing overcrowded malls in search for the perfect gift for a loved one in hopes that it’ll be just right. This holiday season, find the perfect gift for the Honda enthusiast in our easy to read gift guide.

1. A Remote Start

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It’s the gift that keeps on giving, a Remote Start not only gives the user the convince of starting their beloved Honda from wherever they please, but it also gives them the comfort of getting into a nice toasty vehicle.

2. Floor Mats

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Almost everyone hates the slush that comes with the snow and the mess it creates of the interior foot wells of their vehicles. Floor mats are a great solution that actively combats and protect the interior of your vehicle and they make a great gift. To ensure top quality and precise fit, be sure to visit your local Honda Dealer.

3. Winter Maintenance Package

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A Winter Maintenace Package is perfect for any vehicle owner, Honda or not, as it helps ensure the safety and reliability of the vehicle. In addition to ensuring reliability, it also prepares the vehicle for the harsh conditions that it must endure in our Manitoban winters.

4. A Winter Emergency Kit

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A Winter Emergency Kit is essential to any car on the roads during the winter, as it could be the difference between life and death. The kits range in price and you can always make your own as long as it includes the essentials like; a blanket, gloves or mittens, a tow strap, a shovel, booster cables, a flashlight, and a phone charger.

5. Honda Gear!

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Give the gift of style to any Honda lover with the 2016/2017 Offical Honda Merchandise Collection. With cups, travel mugs, sweaters, jackets and more, the collection is perfect for any honda fan you may know.

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